Friday, June 30, 2006

Enough Sitting Around!

(ok my photo thingy does not work at all anymore!! AAAAAAAhhhhhgh!!)

Man, it's hard to get outa the chair on a hazy day off... but there is work to be done!

Yeah so, I'm getting ready for the 4th of July festival up in Crescent City, a bit up the coast from here. I'm a little nervous, this is my first time up there for a show... but there are issues with all of the 4th shows.

The Arcata one is best for me of course. This is my town and my peoples... my customers expect to see me there and generally I do well at any Plaza event. However, as usual, the folks who run these fairs keep increasing the cost for the honor of selling in their little town. Man I get mad. This year, this ONE DAY event costs the same as the North Country Fair - a two day kick-ass festival in the fall. Not only that, but the 4th allows imports (not only handmade-by-the-artist goods) and they are notorious for placing say, 3 jewelers in a row. Or, like last year, my booth next door to two big booths of rainbow tie dye. Sigh...

But, the show in Eureka's old town stinks. Or, rather... I didn't do well there. Lots of people, but more imports and the folks are more into buying cheap mementos than quality crafts. So...

This year I'm trying Crescent City. I have lots of friends up there, and it should be fun. The cost was comparable to Arcata, but with a bigger booth space, also allowing imports. Now that I have my info packet, though, I see there is a higher quality craft area nearby hosted by an art gallery. I think I'll be checking into that one for next year... but, we shall see how it all goes.

Anywayzzzz... I have some dyeing to do...

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