Monday, May 29, 2006

Today At The Studio...

So, what (I'm sure you're wondering) is The Mermaid up to today?? Well, let's see...

I've got the big Mateel Arts & Music Festival at Benbow Lake (that's southern Humboldt County) next weekend. It's a biggy, and one of my best... so I'm literally up to my elbows in dye and clothes and all that stuff.

Today I'm off to the studio for my 3rd 9-10hr workfest in a row. My routine has been this: 1) Get up and make coffee, smooch on the bf for a bit, wash the previous day's dye batches while doing various stuff on the net (ie making a new blog, etal). 2) Stop by Safeway for a peppered turkey & swiss on rustic italian roll, some peaches and a green tea. 3)Hit the studio until I can't see straight or my back hurts (whichever comes first). 4) Come home and resume bf smooching.

Today is my last day to bust out the bulk of the work, cuz I have to be Officegirl the rest of the week... which only leaves a few hrs in the evenings. But, I think it's mostly under control.

I need to wash up and get the hell outa here. See my website for some info on what I do ... I'll be back.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hey Look! An artchick!

Woohoo! Lookit me and my new blog! I thought it was time for a page all about my artchick adventures. Well, I know I'M excited... eventually YOU will be too.

Here we go... onward!