Friday, May 18, 2007

Still Making Stuff

Ok, maybe I went a little nuts with my latest supply order... wait. No. I have two shows in a row and I need a buttload of stuff. And that's what I got.

Yeah, baby. That is one beautiful 53 lb box of dyeable goodness. Oh... then I also ordered a bunch of things that were on sale before we left for the last show. And again two days ago, when I was in a panic about having enough hats and T-shirts. Um... and last night I found a source for some parasols, which I'll silk paint. That probably wasn't totally necessary.

I may be a little on the obsessive side right now... but alas. I have used all the money and credit available. So, I guess I'm done ordering for now. Time to dye all this stuff. Woooo!

New colors for this time around are um... avocado green with black, a new purple with black. Black is tough, but what the hell right? I'll try it. Last round I came up with a beautiful burgundy color. Love it! I guess photos would be nice. Maybe later.

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Uncle Enore said...

Pair of Sols?

Two jew guys?