Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm Doin Stuff, ok??

Really I am.

Ok, maybe I haven't been overly motivated with the holiday slacking and rainy day moods and whatnot. But, I've got things going on... oh yes.

Next weekend is the afore mentioned Arcata Holiday Market, at the Arcata Community Center (next to Health Sport). Yay! I do love the craft fairs. The last time I did this one, there were lots of new-ish crafters along with some old friends... all high quality goods. Many opportunities for Xmas gift bartering. Love it! And I hope to make a bit of cash too, of course. See some old customers, that's always fun.

Anyway, today is dyeing day. I'm not doing too much, just enough to satisfy some recent orders and flesh out the stock a bit. Since I stocked up so much for the North Country Fair, I resisted the urge to spend lots of money on supplies. It's tricky really... need enough stock to do well, but not be stuck with too much afterward. My next show probably won't be until March or so.

I've also been making jewelry. After the bead hubbub, I finally ordered a bunch and have been beading for a week. Woohoo! It's fun! Nothing complex, just simple strings to go with my dye colors. Now I need to work on my display... I think a better display area for the necklaces & pendants will help the sales effort there. Man, the booth is getting full!

I've been getting back into the Ebay swing too. It was too hard to keep up during our time offline, but I'm back, Baby. I've been trying to push my kits and some Mermaid goods before the holiday. I guess it's going ok so far...

I'm working on my site quite a bit. The Info Pages idea is a good one, but the site I chose for them really wasn't all that I dreamed it would be. So, instead, I added info pages right on the Mermaid site as products with $0 cost. That way I can add all I want and catagorize them just so. I like it. I also added some of my crochet patterns... which is how I started out. Making crocheted hats and selling them on campus.

Oh, and I decided to change my Shipping Rates page to the Ordering Info page... so I could add a bunch more info there too. The site's html editor is pretty funky & glitchy, but I managed to figure out those top-of-the-page topic links all my myself by weedling the html. I rule!

Ok, time for some peanut butter toast and then... To Work!


Uncle Enore said...

Do you slather the bread with butter and then peanut butter?


Fred said...

Connie sold over $300 worth of stuff at the Christmas Boutique (or whatever it's called) at the Adorni Center in Eureka last Saturday. Of course, that doesn't include expenses, so no idea what the actual profit was.

Fred said...

Oh, I might add, that's not too bad considering the gal in the booth next to her sold a big $0 worth of stuff during the same time frame.

*Mermaid* said...

I do prefer butter on my pb toast... my father taught me well.

Yeah, Fred, that's not too bad. One day shows kill me though, set up and breakdown in one day. Argh. I've heard that's a pretty good show at the Adorni... although I didn't hear any advertising for it.

If I made $0 I think I'd cry. Even at a slow show, I usually get business from the vendors that are doing well.

Fred said...

My heart went out to that lady. I don't even know what she was selling because she hadn't even started setting up when I was there before, but I know there's at least some expectation of success.

Besides, since this was selling handmade stuff, it's like there's a lot of yourself in it. When yourself doesn't sell, it must be pretty disappointing.