Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where am I??

I'm around. I come here from time to time and sigh over how long it's been since I posted... then wonder what to post. I guess I'm having some kind of identity crisis regarding this blog. I mean, I like to post the random stuff I'm doing, with my dye work and the craft shows. But it looks like the only folks who actually come here to read it are looking for free crochet patterns. So then I think I should post a few new patterns... but I don't really have time when the craft shows are happening.

And that's when I go back to facebook and talk about what I'm doing. I'll work on it. I do enjoy my little blog... but who wants to talk to an empty room? Of course, if you're really interested in my little clothing business and Mermaid adventures, you can go to the FB link right over there >>>> and read new stuff all the time. Maybe what I should do is connect these two, and start posting on the blog which will automatically post to fb. Hm. I'll ponder that.

Well, I'm here now so... I guess an update is in order.

Things are a little weird right now. I have had 5 shows in a row with rain. 4 with significant amounts of it. The last was just ironic I think. A joke on me. I was feeling a little stressed after so many washed out shows... for which I've been preparing like crazy, with all my resources (physical and financial). The show called for warm sun all weekend and I was excited for a good show. Then I saw the venue... a repurposed elementary school, now a childrens and arts center. Very cool. But to set up my booth, I had a choice of hauling my stuff either across a giant field OR up a flight of stairs. That's like 10 heavy tubs and 6 steal racks, and all I had was my dinky little dolly to help. At the end of the (not awesome sales-wise) show, as I was contemplating the backbreaking work ahead... it started to rain. I couldn't believe it.

If we can recall a few years back, almost exactly 3 years, when a certain van broke down at the shows over and over... and finally culminated into an emergency hospital visit. Then we can see how this pattern of rain might freak a girl out a bit. In fact, my hubby just asked me the other night, "If it rains at the next one, does that mean you will have a heart attack??"

Not an entirely crazy question. I was kind of wondering that myself.

Anyway... all I can do is what I know how to do. Work and make stuff and keep hauling it around to sell it.

It's laugh or cry, and you can't cry all day long.