Monday, August 09, 2010

Show #4 Renton WA

After getting all peaced out in the forest for a few days, it was time to head back into 'civilization' (blech) and my last coastal show, Renton River Days. I had an idea what to expect... and I meditated extra hard to prepare. Ha. 

My first clue was that every time I mentioned the show to another artist in the area they would all react the same way, "Oooooh" with a sort of groan. Also I knew it was very close to the Seattle city limits, and so quite urban for my driving tastes. 

I was correct about the driving part for sure. It sucked. I hate the city and I don't know how folks can live that way really. I got lost right away... well not lost, but since the show info was sent after I left home, I had Stu read it to me and um, things weren't clear. So I circled the park 3 times trying to figure out how to get in. Grrr. The 'RV' parking they offered was under the freeway, which also ran RIGHT next to the show. Ha. I found another spot for the other two nights (yes, 3 day show *sigh*) so it wasn't too bad.

Really, the event was very well organized and aside from the location, the park itself was lovely. The staff was there to help and very friendly. They gave breaks and even helped haul our booth stuff in neato little trucks... and there was quite a haul distance. 

One interesting item there was my booth neighbor, who was from Dickenson, ND. I kinda blew her mind when I told her ND was my next Tour stop. I also talked her into bartering some of her awesome ND Grandma crafts for my wedding raffle. Oh yes! Kitchen towels with the crochet on top, plastic canvas needlepoint coasters and more. Classic.

Unfortunately, the sales were stinky as suggested by my previous art friends. But, I ended up doing ok and treated myself to a motel stay before moving on. Man, that was a long freakin weekend. Good bye Washington!

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