Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's all Tour updates from here...

Ok, here I am at T-48 hours and I'm still not in freakout mode. I think it must be some sort of defense mechanism... I'm way too calm. I suppose I do have a good handle on all my packing stuff, though there's still plenty to do. 

I'm pretty bummed that I can't get my mobile photo blog thingy to work. Well I can post photos to Facebook, but not my fan page. So my mom can see my pics, but not my customers. Argh. What I might do is have someone else post in my stead, via emails from me. Or I might see if I can post to Flickr and link to it. We'll see. I might also have access to a couple friends' compies on the road. 

Anyway, right now I'm taking my pile of half-crossed-off lists and forming a final list, or punch list as Stu would say. Today is mostly printing clothing and finishing up some flyers and brochures. Tomorrow will be gathering and van packing day. Somewhere along the line I have to get groceries too. 

 This first show in Eugene will be a bit grueling... it's a 3-dayer and goes until 8:30 every night. Our campground is over 30 minutes away, which means some late nights. Luckily, Stu will be joining me on his motorcycle and has volunteered to leave the show early each night in order to prepare dinner ahead of me. That will be nice. Although we won't be there much, the camp site is on a lake with showers and all. Should be pretty cool.

So far it just feels like I'm going to any other show, with more camping gear. I know it will sink in after the show when I don't have to drive home. Heehee, this is so much fun.

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