Friday, June 27, 2008

Now in a store near you!

Finally! I have put my hand-dyed clothing into some local stores. Yippee!

The Emerald is located in Arcata at the corner of Alliance and Spear
(in the Westwood Hood, where I lived for many years). This is a fairly new shop, filled with all locally handmade goods... like jewelry, T-shirts, Bohemian Mermaid skirts and tanks, sculpture and more. She's still adding artist, so I'm sure there will be plenty more interesting things to see. They also have a pool table and plans for a coffee bar. So, when you are picking up your burrito at the taco truck there, go in and check it out. Gorgeous murals on the walls too! um mermaids! helloooo!

Conscious Home is located in McKinleyville in the Miller Business Park, behind Miller Farms. A great little shop full of natural goods for the home, foods, and a large selection of natural fiber clothing... now including Bohemian Mermaid skirts. Woo!

I'm sooo happy to have my goods in these great local shops! Go check them out!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let's move on shall we?

I'm sick of looking at that heart post... now let's move things along. How about a craft show eh?

Well, since my hospital stay, I've had to cancel 2 more festivals I had lined up. Add that to all the previous van misadventures and hm... not good. I'm thinking this recent episode has to be the grand finale of all these problems the past few months and I'm ready to get back on track!

So, next we have the Nor Cal Blues Festival in Fair Oaks, which is a burb of Sacramento. This should be fun! It's relatively small, I think, just one stage... possibly akin to our local Blues by the Bay in size. Which means a mellow setup and some hang-out time watching blues. Sounds great to me.

It's close to my dad's house, so I'll be visiting with him as well. He's been home with a smushed foot for the past 4 months, so he could probably use some company and lovin.

Also, my friend Leisa wants to host a home party for me while I'm down there. Have her friends over for a bbq to peruse my Mermaid goods in her home. That will be fun too!

So I'm back on the road! Wooo!

(ok, barney and dad and everyone else I know have been expressing concern about my abilities to take this trip, but I am confident. My strength is better each day and the docs said I can get back to work as soon as I feel able. No sweat, folks... but it's nice to be loved.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ready for this?

I don't think I was... lol. A little over a week ago I had a heart attack. No kidding.

I'm a little embarrassed to say so... I guess because it sounds so weird, or like I live an unhealthy life or something. Not so. Aside from the blockage that caused this, doctors say I'm perfectly healthy.

And lucky in so many ways.

It's pretty rare for someone my age (under 40) to go through this, and often women have odd symptoms that are misdiagnosed. Not me, luckily. My chest hurt, my left hand went tingly, I started hyperventilating and sweating. I had a good idea of what was probably happening, unbelievable as it was.

And I was at home, only a couple miles from St. Joe's. Lucky.

I called 911 before I could pass out... with nobody knowing where I was or that anything was wrong. Lucky.

I'm recovering quickly and plan to back to work next week. Lucky lucky me! :-)