Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Fever Time!

Ok, on to something more uplifting. Spring! It's again time for the Spring Fever Festival at Redwood Acres this weekend, Apr 26-27. Wooo! The theme is luau and folks are encouraged to wear their loudest Hawaiian shirts or mumus. Again there will be hourly door prizes, donated by the artists. This time it costs $1 to get in, but that gets you into the prize drawing and the prizes are always really nice.

This is a relatively new festival in its 3rd year, and it's really a fun family scene. Mostly it's a craft fair, featuring wonderful quality handmade goods from local artists. I have been impressed with the quality and variety of crafts. There will also be non-profit booths like a photo booth & face painting, food, beer & wine. Oh and music both days.

I have had a great time at these shows (spring and fall), although they aren't very well known yet. This year there's an ad on KHUM, so maybe that will help. Really I'd love to see these shows take off and get huge, because the community idea is really there.

The big deal for me is the world premier of my new Stamp Art, Print your own T-shirt! booth. I'll have bandanas, shirts for kids & adults, baby onesies and more to be printed by you with an array of handmade stamps. I'm so excited about this... I even have a Hawaiian flower, so you can make your own Hawaiian shirt. Wooo!

I'll also have my usual Mermaid clothing booth... and since this is my first actual show this season (after all my van drama and canceled shows grrr) I've got TONS of clothes. Which means tons of stuff on sale. I even started $5 and $10 buckets. Oh, and I've added about a million new baby and girl's dresses. They aren't on sale, but man are they cute!!

Anyway, hope to see you there! Tell everyone! We need to support this cool local show. Yay Spring!


Fred said...

Today's Times- Standard said it was really slow there.

*TheMermaid* said...

Oh that's nice of them... yep it's true. Sad too, cuz it really is a nice show.