Sunday, March 30, 2008


That's right, people. At long last a new Mermaid Mobile is born. AaaaaahAAAAAAh (that's my imitation of angels singing).

After maybe 2 years of whining and hoping and hunting and discussing, yesterday we brought home my baby. A shiny 1999 Chevy Express cargo van.

This is by far the newest vehicle I have ever owned. It has running lights and air bags! Never mind that, CUP HOLDERS and air conditioning!
I'm fairly bursting into the nineties here. And see my birthday-ipod radio adapter? Oh, I'll be traveling awesomely this summer alright. You bet.

I might hyperventilate. I don't think I could be more excited.

It really has been like bringing home a baby. OK maybe a new pet. All kinds of new toys and we just want to play with it obsessively. I already have new tires, oil change, a paint touchup pen, washer fluid. We're discussing how to outfit the back for shows... liners, storage. Whew. Barney keeps poking at stuff. I can't wait to clean it. And I'm thinking about painting the mermaid logo on the side really huge. Hee hee.

I have been saving up a pile of bumper stickers in anticipation of this day... I think I took a picture, let's see...

Yeah, just one has made it so far. Yippee!! Mermaid Vans Rule!!


Lynell said...

Wow!! I am so happy for you! You'll be travilin in style now!

*TheMermaid* said...

Thanks nell! I know... I'll be just as shiny as everyone else now. And I can stop whining about how badly I need a new van finally. ha.

Fred said...

Ooops! I just thought of something:

There's no way you can afford to drive a big van like that with the price of gas what it is nowadays. Better take it back.

*TheMermaid* said...

Oooooh no. I know it will get better mileage than the stalker van... time to raise my prices like everyone else.

I did some calculating last night... 400 miles will cost around $125. I usually budget $100 for gas so whatever.

Of course, since Iraq (and soon Iran) are US owned... prices should be dropping any day now. Cough.