Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh, It's On.

Yep. Confirmed for my first show with my new Stamp Art print your own T-shirt booth. Ha. I'm a little nervous... just because I want it to go well, and it's so different from my usual booth. But, I think it has real potential. And the Spring Fever Festival at Redwood Acres (apr 26-27) is the perfect first show... not too busy, but lots of children. Heehee pretty exciting.

Here's how it will work. To start, I'll have bandanas for $5, baby onesies and kid's T-shirts for $10, adult T-shirts up to 3x for $15. Eventually I'll add black and dyed shirts for an extra few bucks. For the money, you choose one awesome rubber stamp and one ink color, extra stamps or colors are $2.

The key will be having cool stamps to choose from. I'm making them myself. The ink will be water-based and non toxic, so it will have to be heat set. For this show I'll probably have an iron for that... outdoor shows will need a take-home instruction sheet. It only needs like 1 minute of ironing, so as long as I make a big deal about it and have a day glo info sheet, shouldn't be an issue.

So the big thing for now is to get the designs ready, test the inks and stamp supplies. When the show gets closer, I'll hold a test run of the booth in the back yard and invite some kids to try it all out.

Exciting isn't it?? I know. Totally.

But today, I dye.

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