Sunday, March 30, 2008


That's right, people. At long last a new Mermaid Mobile is born. AaaaaahAAAAAAh (that's my imitation of angels singing).

After maybe 2 years of whining and hoping and hunting and discussing, yesterday we brought home my baby. A shiny 1999 Chevy Express cargo van.

This is by far the newest vehicle I have ever owned. It has running lights and air bags! Never mind that, CUP HOLDERS and air conditioning!
I'm fairly bursting into the nineties here. And see my birthday-ipod radio adapter? Oh, I'll be traveling awesomely this summer alright. You bet.

I might hyperventilate. I don't think I could be more excited.

It really has been like bringing home a baby. OK maybe a new pet. All kinds of new toys and we just want to play with it obsessively. I already have new tires, oil change, a paint touchup pen, washer fluid. We're discussing how to outfit the back for shows... liners, storage. Whew. Barney keeps poking at stuff. I can't wait to clean it. And I'm thinking about painting the mermaid logo on the side really huge. Hee hee.

I have been saving up a pile of bumper stickers in anticipation of this day... I think I took a picture, let's see...

Yeah, just one has made it so far. Yippee!! Mermaid Vans Rule!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meanwhile... back at the Palace...

I'm working on my booth display some. The Mermaid jewels are a relatively new addition to the booth ... and displaying them has been a challenge. So far, I've been putting them on hooks. I've tried more hooks, shorter hooks, horizontal bars, that little board. I do sell them, and they do catch people's eye. But, they are still too hard to see. All bunched up with no fabric behind them.

So, recently I made these lovely boards. Tada! Nice huh? I got some big picture frames on sale, covered the mats with batting and some fake raw silk fabric, and I think they look fabulous! I still want to add some swirlies with a silver paint pen... but they really give the jewels some presence. I think when they were bunched up they looked kind of cheap. Now they are in a showcase and so they look a bit fancier. I just had to accept the fact that I don't need to display every necklace I have at once. That whole backstock concept is hard for me.

Oh, and I finally got some of those nice fold-up rolling racks. I think they will come in very handy. In the new van, I might use these in lieu of a built-in hang bar. And they fold up so flat!

I know... doesn't take much to excite me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Van Talk

Yep. I'm pretty sure that THIS time I really AM getting a new van. One that looks very much like these photos. Possibly by week's end.

Why now? (you might be asking yourself).... when shows have barely started and you must surely be broke as hell, Bekki?? Yeah good question.

Because, the (ugly) reliable van I have been using for the past couple years needs some work. Barney took it in for a pre-craft-fair checkup and found it needs at least $400 worth of repairs to safely leave town. Tie rods I think. Plus it needs some other work soon, brakes I think. Yeah. Not stuff you let slide when you drive 200 miles of winding mountain roads to get to work.

So, we decided it would be best to take that $400+ and put it toward a new van, which we've been hunting for anyway. It's exciting. But also a little stressful. I had to cancel my show in Oregon this next weekend (ouch)... I'll have 2 more weeks until the next one in Bodega Bay.

So, hopefully this van thing will pan out and I'll be sporting my new Mermaid Mobile by then... and not only will I be safe, I'll have less chance of being mistaken for a homeless lady or stalker. Cool.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh, It's On.

Yep. Confirmed for my first show with my new Stamp Art print your own T-shirt booth. Ha. I'm a little nervous... just because I want it to go well, and it's so different from my usual booth. But, I think it has real potential. And the Spring Fever Festival at Redwood Acres (apr 26-27) is the perfect first show... not too busy, but lots of children. Heehee pretty exciting.

Here's how it will work. To start, I'll have bandanas for $5, baby onesies and kid's T-shirts for $10, adult T-shirts up to 3x for $15. Eventually I'll add black and dyed shirts for an extra few bucks. For the money, you choose one awesome rubber stamp and one ink color, extra stamps or colors are $2.

The key will be having cool stamps to choose from. I'm making them myself. The ink will be water-based and non toxic, so it will have to be heat set. For this show I'll probably have an iron for that... outdoor shows will need a take-home instruction sheet. It only needs like 1 minute of ironing, so as long as I make a big deal about it and have a day glo info sheet, shouldn't be an issue.

So the big thing for now is to get the designs ready, test the inks and stamp supplies. When the show gets closer, I'll hold a test run of the booth in the back yard and invite some kids to try it all out.

Exciting isn't it?? I know. Totally.

But today, I dye.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shows Season Begins! Yippee!

At long last... it's time for the craft shows to begin. It's been a long dark winter in the depths of the sea here at the Palace. But now it's time to rise up to the bright surface and do some serious Mermaid work. I am SO ready to get moving!

First round of shows begins in 2 weeks, here's the confirmed line up so far:

March 28-30 - Spring Fair - Douglas County Fairgrounds, Roseburg, Oregon.
This is my firs time at this show. I didn't do spectacularly well my last time in Roseburg. But, it's a nice drive and an indoor show so at least I won't get rained on. I plan on having lots of little girl dresses and clearance items at this show.

April 12-13 - Bodega Bay Fisherman's Festival - Bodega Bay, CA.
I've been wanting to do this one for the past few years. Last year I heard it poured rain... but maybe I'll be lucky. Looks like an awesome festival right on the bay, boat parades, boat building, kite flying, animal parade. Sounds like fun!

April 26-27 - Spring Fever Festival - Redwood Acres Fairgrounds, Eureka, CA.
This will be my third time doing this local show. It usually coincides with the annual Rhododendron Parade, which was canceled this year. Booo. Hopefully people will still come out as this festival grows... and I believe there is an antique fair at the fairgrounds at the same time. Also, this could be my first attempt at having my Stamp Art (print your own T-shirt) booth. I've proposed to do both booths, we'll see if she goes for it. [**Update: The Rhodi parade is back on! They'll be parking floats at the fairgrounds this weekend. The antique fair moved to another weekend.**]

Exciting isn't it?? I know... but lots to do to get ready. I have plenty of plans and schemes in the works. More soon.