Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Love Etsy!

Ok. Let's see... I posted my first 2 skirts onto etsy.com before I left for the weekend. Yesterday, I posted 4 more. Today I sold one. I'm in shock I think. Woohoo! Thank you Pamela in SoCal!!

I'm totally excited. Of course, I hoped the larger sizes would win some hearts... I notice there aren't many larger sized things there. Nor much hand-dyed clothing really at all.

Let's hope this is a sign of things to come. Woopie!!


Crescent City Gal said...


It's exciting to hear that you made a sale so soon after starting your ETSY store. I think I will follow your lead and open one for my husband's heirloom handmade hardwood artisan cutting boards.

We are thinking about going to some of the closer festivals for hand crafted products, and your list was very helpful to me. Thank you for that!

I'm experimenting with a website at http://www.jkleppin.com and have placed a video there of our first experience at my cousin's craft booth, and we have a friend in Idaho who is promoting some of them at one of his companies http://abcompany.com/1sc/boards/

Next stop, ETSY!

I hope we both have GREAT SUCCESS there.

*TheMermaid* said...

Hey cool! I'm glad someone found my info useful. Good luck... I checked out the video and the boards are beautiful. Woo!