Thursday, January 17, 2008

Notes from the Winter Cave

Yeah, definitely hibernation time around here. But never fear, I'm doing stuff. I'm always doing stuff. I maybe in my pajamas all day, but things are being done.

Let's see, a few interesting developments.

I have connected with a new art teaching space that sounds pretty cool. I'll find out more this weekend, but a lady has brought together a multitude of artists to teach classes in a big studio. I like teaching, I like studios. Um, I used to teach in mine, when I had one in public. So, this might be just the ticket to not working another regular job this year. Fill in the craft show gaps with teaching. Perfect perfect.

I convinced a sewing friend of mine to make some cool cotton bags for me finally. She wasn't sewing for a while, but bags are her thing. I really need one or two nice bags... like girly purses. Not tote bags, which is mostly what I have now. Yesss. Awesome.

And I found a new source for more hip type cotton hats. I find that exciting.

What else... I'm sort of mentoring my good friend's kid while she applies to the arts program at Arcata High. I'm helping her get a portfolio together, etc. Fun. I get to talk about art concepts and stuff, guide a very talented young artist.

So, I'm getting a few things rolling. We'll see how it all develops.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life & Death

Hm... what a weird day. My little baby brother turns 30 today. I also learned a few minutes ago that my old friend Jim Fahey has died (I guess there's a big remembrance piece in today's Eye... I'll see if they post it for reading).

Both pretty trippy in themselves. Hmp.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Busam!

So, there I was... minding my own business... recovering from a pretty good little New Years psycho breakdown (don't ask)... when I get a call from The Busam saying she's on her way to my house from Oregon.

Just what the doctor ordered.

For those who don't know, The Busam, aka The Buz, aka Heather (or Sweet Heather as my dad calls her at times) is my super best friend. We met the first day of our senior year in high school, and have been like sisters ever since. We were roommates as wild young adults in Stockton, then again here in Humboldt as wild college students. Now, she lives with her hubby in Alaska where they both work for the forest service. I hadn't seen her since my brother's wedding like 1.5 yrs ago.

How she knew I needed her right then one can never know. Vibes.
They are actually seeking some sort of property for Joe's retirement ... either around here or up in Oregon. Both completely acceptable to me. Woo.

They stayed for a couple days and it was super fun!! Let's see... the first night we had dinner at Plaza Grill, our old favorite place to have excellent martinis and Kamikazes. We were all a little hung over the next day. Here's where Heather puked in the driveway. (gross, maybe, but nobody reads this other than my parents and they'd expect me to post it so hush)

[Ok, I took out the photo. Ick. I just wanted to embarrass Busam, and I did.]

Next day we had brunch at Golden Harvest in Eureka, went peace sticker shopping at my old work, and drove around looking at potential retirement sites. Here they are with their newly restored VW camper (same color as our old family bus, coincidentally) and peace stickers.

How awesome would it be for them to live near by me?? Very. And now Barney and I are discussing more intently our plan to visit Alaska before they decide to move. Heehee.