Thursday, September 27, 2007


Stress dreams. I have them from time to time. This past week I've had a few. Hm.

The first - I had (in real life) been dyeing a ton of stuff for the North Country Fair. I took one of those big push carts from Costco or Sam's Club, you know... a giant flatbed dolly with a push bar on one end. I piled all the clothes I had made onto it, just in a big mound, and pushed it to some neighborhood market that was happening. Then, I left and had a meeting at a bank for like an hour. When I came back, of course, the whole dolly of clothes was gone. I spent the rest of the dream running around frantically asking if anyone had seen it. Nope. The last I remember I had given up and was just sobbing my eyes out.

The next was a good old fashioned waitress nightmare. I waitressed for years, and still have these when I'm stressed, even though it's been over 10 yrs since I served a table. Well, it was typical. A full restaurant, everyone ready to order, no idea who should be first, nobody to help at all. I would take an order, and nothing the customer said made sense. After I took a bunch of orders, I went in back and looked at the tags... I couldn't read any of it, didn't know table numbers, no idea what or who these orders were for. Some regular customer came in the back to yell at me. I was freaking out. Then I was thinking, hey, I'm not even going to work here much longer, why should I have to suffer this way? For some reason, Barney was there telling me I should just sneak out the back and leave. I didn't want to screw my coworkers (who weren't helping at all), and I was looking to leave a note in my boss' (from my very first waitress job) office... but I didn't want to walk through the dining room to do it. So I think I left out the back per Barney's insistence.

Third was last night. Heather (aka The Buz), Mom and I went to an SCA event (that's a medieval reenactment club I used to be involved in) where I was to have a booth selling clothes. We got there and I realized I didn't have my booth tent... so I wouldn't be able to set up my booth. Then I remembered the last time I was there I hadn't made much money anyway. So I didn't freak out too much. What's funny is the memory I had of a previous event, was from another dream. That always weirds me out a bit.

Could I be a little stressed? I guess so. I don't feel too stressed out, so maybe I'm saving it all for sleep... but I AM busy as hell.

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