Saturday, September 08, 2007


Ok, well it's time to get ready for this next round of shows. Fort Bragg was a nice warmup. I dyed whatever random stuff I had here to dye. It was a lot, but mostly unusual special items... I didn't have all my stock up to what I like.

Now, I need to do a full inventory and order whatever I need to fill it all out. About a ton. In fact, I should over order, since I'll have 2 shows in a row right away.

I have 2 weeks until North Country Fair on Sept 22-23. woooo! I'll see you all there. It's the rockinest hootinany around. As I've mentioned before, the drama is over and this will be a great show for all I'm sure. Hey, looks like there are still some vendor spots available.

The following week, I'm off to Caspar on the beautiful Mendocino coast for Caspar Fest. I loved this show last year, it was my intro to doing shows in this area. So it will be fun fun fun. Also they are adding more eco-groovy & community themes and activities, like demos and a dinner. Read about it here.

I'm gonna take the week off between shows. Who has time to peddle stickers to the peaceful masses when there's Mermaid work to be done? Not me.

So, yeah. I'm busy. I have this weekend to prep my dye order, order some new booth panels, get started on some new booth curtains, and take care of some overdue business legal crap. Sigh.

Luckily (I guess) Barney is working on the bridge in Gasquet all weekend. So I have no excuse not to get it all done. Unless I sit here posting all day...

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