Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well, the time has come once again to say Buh-Bye to another day job. Muaaaahahahahha!

Yes, I've been at the peace sticker place for about a year and a half. Seems like plenty. I had planned on staying through the winter and leaving in the spring... but I don't think I can make it that long. A few reasons.

One is that I'm just plain burnt. Much as I predicted when my coworker/supervisor started taking 3-4 weeks off at a time and the big boss didn't hire anyone else. I told them I could do it, but if the stress level stayed high for too long I'd burn out for sure. Hey, guess what? I was right.

Secondly, the boss is freakin nuts. Which is fine in itself, most of my best friends are nuts. Yeah, it was fine when he barely spoke to me... but I would hear him sometimes go batty on my coworkers and I'd say, "good thing he doesn't speak to me that way or I might have to tell him to fuck himself". Then he started talking to me... and eventually in that way that is pure jerk. Enough to piss me off considerably and thus sour the idea of working for a disrespectful nutjob.

So, combine those things and a Mermaid biz that is having its best year yet... and you get The Mermaid self-employed once again. Yay! I wanted to leave before I came to hate everything and everyone, so that maybe when I'm poor in January... they might have a little work for me. Ha. Don't want to burn that bridge altogether. Plus, I want to continue selling the stickers on ebay.

But, for now I'm excited to have time to work on dyeing stuff for the shows I've got coming up. Then, I'll be fixing up my web site real purty, hopefully get some more action there. Yeah, I've got plans. I do have a few more days to work next week... and then it's buh-bye-peace-place. Aaaaaah.


Stress dreams. I have them from time to time. This past week I've had a few. Hm.

The first - I had (in real life) been dyeing a ton of stuff for the North Country Fair. I took one of those big push carts from Costco or Sam's Club, you know... a giant flatbed dolly with a push bar on one end. I piled all the clothes I had made onto it, just in a big mound, and pushed it to some neighborhood market that was happening. Then, I left and had a meeting at a bank for like an hour. When I came back, of course, the whole dolly of clothes was gone. I spent the rest of the dream running around frantically asking if anyone had seen it. Nope. The last I remember I had given up and was just sobbing my eyes out.

The next was a good old fashioned waitress nightmare. I waitressed for years, and still have these when I'm stressed, even though it's been over 10 yrs since I served a table. Well, it was typical. A full restaurant, everyone ready to order, no idea who should be first, nobody to help at all. I would take an order, and nothing the customer said made sense. After I took a bunch of orders, I went in back and looked at the tags... I couldn't read any of it, didn't know table numbers, no idea what or who these orders were for. Some regular customer came in the back to yell at me. I was freaking out. Then I was thinking, hey, I'm not even going to work here much longer, why should I have to suffer this way? For some reason, Barney was there telling me I should just sneak out the back and leave. I didn't want to screw my coworkers (who weren't helping at all), and I was looking to leave a note in my boss' (from my very first waitress job) office... but I didn't want to walk through the dining room to do it. So I think I left out the back per Barney's insistence.

Third was last night. Heather (aka The Buz), Mom and I went to an SCA event (that's a medieval reenactment club I used to be involved in) where I was to have a booth selling clothes. We got there and I realized I didn't have my booth tent... so I wouldn't be able to set up my booth. Then I remembered the last time I was there I hadn't made much money anyway. So I didn't freak out too much. What's funny is the memory I had of a previous event, was from another dream. That always weirds me out a bit.

Could I be a little stressed? I guess so. I don't feel too stressed out, so maybe I'm saving it all for sleep... but I AM busy as hell.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Get Ready...

...cuz it's time once again for the wonderful North Country Fair! Wooooooo!

I hope all my friends and neighbors are gearing up for the big fall hootinany on the Arcata Plaza this weekend. Cuz man, it's the funnest thing around. Yes, funnest. Three stages of music and dance, featuring all our favorite local talent. 200 crafts, food and info booths. Two parades, one each day. Beer. Sun. Friends. I mean, what more do you want?

I for one have been feverishly dyeing stuff, ordering booth supplies, getting ready for a great weekend. I have my new specially-made-by-Busam festival skirt... but alas, the rest of the goods she's been working on are not ready as I had hoped. We were so close, but now she has other life things to tend to and the Mermaid must wait. Sigh. Maybe I'll have them in the spring. But at least MY skirt is done and it's fantastic. Full circle with ruffles. Yesss.

And of course I'll have some other new goodies to show off. Don't worry.

Um, what else... well, next weekend I'm trying an experiment. I'll be doing the Caspar Fest down by Mendocino, but that's not the experiment. I did that last year and it's going to be fun fun fun. But, on Sunday, I'll also be parter in a booth at the Pride Fest on the Plaza. A friend and I are sharing a booth... I'm giving her some rainbow tie-dye items and some prideful jewelry, and she's doing all the work for a percentage. Yippee. We'll see how it pans out, but in theory I like the idea.

Ok, gotta go sticker the peaceful masses... for peace. See you all on the Plaza! Woooo!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Ok, well it's time to get ready for this next round of shows. Fort Bragg was a nice warmup. I dyed whatever random stuff I had here to dye. It was a lot, but mostly unusual special items... I didn't have all my stock up to what I like.

Now, I need to do a full inventory and order whatever I need to fill it all out. About a ton. In fact, I should over order, since I'll have 2 shows in a row right away.

I have 2 weeks until North Country Fair on Sept 22-23. woooo! I'll see you all there. It's the rockinest hootinany around. As I've mentioned before, the drama is over and this will be a great show for all I'm sure. Hey, looks like there are still some vendor spots available.

The following week, I'm off to Caspar on the beautiful Mendocino coast for Caspar Fest. I loved this show last year, it was my intro to doing shows in this area. So it will be fun fun fun. Also they are adding more eco-groovy & community themes and activities, like demos and a dinner. Read about it here.

I'm gonna take the week off between shows. Who has time to peddle stickers to the peaceful masses when there's Mermaid work to be done? Not me.

So, yeah. I'm busy. I have this weekend to prep my dye order, order some new booth panels, get started on some new booth curtains, and take care of some overdue business legal crap. Sigh.

Luckily (I guess) Barney is working on the bridge in Gasquet all weekend. So I have no excuse not to get it all done. Unless I sit here posting all day...