Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Thanks for the plug! Woo!

So today at work, as I slaved away over a hot keyboard/phone/stickerpile... we had khum on the radio as usual. At some point I noticed they were playing the friday songs. (Larry usually plays a few particular songs near 5pm on fridays and then announces it's officially the weekend. Sometimes he'll play them at like 2pm and just say he's 'calling it'. It's the weekend people, start figuring out your excuse to leave work early. Cute, I know. I love Larry.)

How odd, thought I. Why the hell are they playing friday songs at noon on tuesday? Cruelty? I may have mumbled about it to myself throughout the set of songs... I'm not saying for sure.

Well duh Mermaid, there is a holiday tomorrow and many many folks have the day off or even long weekends. Sure, ok.

At the end of the set Mike says, "call me up and tell me what just happened, using the proper phrasing and I'll give you a cd". So I did. You called it, man! Then he asked if I had to work tomorrow and I totally got to plug my booth on the plaza at the 4th of July hootinany tomorrow.

AND he's sending me a Guitar Shorty cd. Sweet!

Thanks Mike! Wooooo.

Come by and visit me tomorrow, I'm famous... I'll be facing Mazotti's or close by.

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Uncle Enore said...

Come by?


You thing YOU are the only one working tomorrow?

Read this: http://abunchofdumbcrap.blogspot.com/