Friday, December 28, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Jeesh... guess I've been snoozing on the whole blog thing eh? And still no snotty comments from Fred. Go figure.

Well, I see I haven't yet put up a craft fair report from the Arcata Holiday Market. Mostly because I didn't take any photos... not as fun to report that way. Ha. But also it was fairly uneventful... bah, I'll make one anyway I suppose.

One project I've neglected to report on is my friend's little temporary store in Old Town Eureka, on the Gazebo next to Sjaak's Chocolates. I know you know where that is. So, yeah... two friends of mine who import stuff from Ghana and Vietnam opened this store just for the month of Dec and asked me to consign some of my goods there. Not sure how many I have sold... some. But now that gift giving is over, they are trying to drum up business by having a super blowout sale. So, I guess I'm putting stuff on sale too. I think they plan on being open through Arts Alive on Jan 5 and then close the next day. So for gawd's sake, go there and buy some stuff! It is a neat little place with tons of interesting goodies. And you can get a truffle while you're there! mmmm

Hm... maybe that's about all that's been going on. See why I'm lagging? Cuz I'm just home every day trying to get people to go to my web site and buy my ebay stuff. I guess there were a couple of exciting days when I convinced myself I should take over the store for good when my friends are finished. Whew, that was close! Hahah. Barney talked some sense into me and I'm all better now.

Well, there are some other personal artsy projects too... hm. I'll try to do a better job reporting here on whateverthehell I'm doing. Ok? ok.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Hey! Look what I can do!!

Yeah, I have skills. Sortof. I've been making all sorts of doohickeys online lately. My ebay store has lots of bells and whistles, which I've been trying to take advantage of since I do pay a monthly fee. Pretty fun. See how my store is called Bohemian Mermaid Crafts?? Yeah, cuz that doll chick has Bohemian Mermaid as her ID (mine has a 9 in it) so I can't use it to name my store. Sigh. Whatever.

I also finally made a myspace page. Ok, I knew it was a very populated site... which is why I wanted to join. Just to promote my biz like all those bands I hear are on there. What I didn't expect was to actually know people. Like local people and bands I love. Trippy. So, I have connected with some friends... AND I'm promoting my biz. Woohoo!

Oh, and I just sent out my very first marketing email. Got a sale in like the first hour! Sweet! I kept it simple and linked to my sale and new items pages... I really need to get back on top of keeping a mailing list. It's way outdated and I forget to add customers to it. Such a simple thing, I just need to get back into the habit.

Ok, anyway... I have a craft fair this weekend. Last of the year for me. I'll be at the Arcata Community Center all weekend and it will be a fun time. Lots of great crafts, music, snacks. I'd totally go if I were you. Luckily, I tweaked my lower back yesterday... just in time for the show. Figures. Barney will help w/ setup today, but then he's out of town all weekend (he'll be hobnobbing at a fancy company shindig down in Berkeley...without me). Hopefully it will work itself out by sunday & breakdown time.


Friday, November 30, 2007


Of course I was going to post this last week, but every time I started I blathered on and on and on in such an almost pukey way. I made myself sick. Plus, who wants to read all that? I think I can boil it down to a few bullet points. Ha. Try this...

Man, am I freakin thankful! I have pretty much the exact life I've wanted, and do just what I please. It all boils down to support, I have lots. Here are the highlights:

- Barney, the Bestboyfriendinthewholewideworld. He supports my endeavors in every possible way AND he's very easy on the eyes.

- All my friends ROCK
. They believe in me even when I don't and are just super awesome people.

- My family is pretty cool too
. Even though they think I'm a little nutso, always behind me 100%.

- This place is magic. I'm thankful every day for this amazing place where I live. The people, the nature, the vibe... all keep me going and allow me to live this creative life.

- I'm pretty healthy and capable
. Thanks.

Mostly, I'm just thankful to be able to live the life I want to. Really I am. And thanks to anyone out there who has supported me and my ventures by visiting my little Mermaid booth. Seriously. I feel like I'm living my near perfect life here and you're all a part of it. Woooo!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Web Site Updates

I know you've all been dying to see some new stuff on my web site. Ok, maybe a few of you. Or someone you know ...
or once heard of. Whatever.

The point is, I have been spending my days taking photos and posting new items to my site. And updating the old ones to look better and hopefully easier to read. I made a check list to keep track
of what's done and about half are checked off now. Woo!

I added
color swatches to each individual item page, which I think helps a bit. Shows the new colors and odd variations of colors.

I added a few pieces which I've carried in my booth for a while, but hadn't gotten to the site yet. Woo! Many more to go... like skirts, baby stuff, hats and jewels. But it's coming along.

To fix the lighting/camera issues I've been having, I finally gave in and just set up the mannequin outside. I just can't get the indoor lighting right. Grrr. But, it's working ok so far I think. I'm using my old funky camera, since Barney's fancy one is so temperamental about connecting to my computer.

It's always something, right? yeah. But a girl m
ust trudge on...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And just HOW are you spending your time now?

I'm adjusting.

Working on developing a routine for this new working at home thing. So far, um it's not yet in place. Ha. It's a process.

What I HAVE done is ... let's see.

Posted about a ton of buttons and stickers on my new eBay store. Mostly because they were sitting here in a box right next to me... and they're easy to photograph. I bought a bunch on my last day at the Peace place, while I could still get the cheapo price. Ha.

Started working on my web site. The home page was totally deleted and redone. Removing the tables really helped the spacing issues I had. I tried to simplify the top and put the more detailed info further down the page. Once I have some better outfit pics, I'll move them to the top.

I've also been taking photos of new colors and garments. Sigh. I have lighting issues. That's always the issue. I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm using the lights from my booth setup and the shot will look well-lit when I'm taking it. But then it's super dark on the computer. Just can't get the colors right on a dark photo. Grrr. Anyway, I'm working on it.

And for the past few days I have been playing with avatar sites. I'm hooked. Here are some of my favorite people, South Park style. You figure out who they are... ha. Ok the first one is me and Barney.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Harvest Festival Report

Ok, this is a new festival at the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka taking place in April
and October. It's put on by an artist who thought we needed a show to do during these two slow months for crafts vendors. And she's got the right idea here... again, I'll say how well she put it together, how I like the non profit activity booths, the themes, the quality of vendors, the beauty of the addition of beer to the festival. It's all very good.

But, people just don't really know about it yet. I guess. Because attendance is still pretty low and slow. I did pretty well at the spring version... but this time not as well. My neighbor didn't show, so I even had a big Mermaid clearance area (in the empty spot) which didn't really yield results. Oh well.

There was music. There was beer. There was a diverse selection of art and crafts. There were some friends to visit with.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

While I'm Waiting

...for YOU to send me money...

I'm working. I'm just about done dyeing, gotta finish up the label-sewing, ironing, hanging & pricing. Then, off to my last out of town craft show of the year. Wooo! The Steele Winery in Kelseyville... near Clear Lake off hwy 20. Easy little 3.5 hour drive. I'm hoping this is my last big shebang. According to the vendors I met down there this summer, this is THE woopedydoo event. I'm ready. Looks like the rain is supposed to stop just in time for 73 degree days and sunshine. Yippee.

(hey, this could be your big chance to give me some money... you waaaant to go wine tasting this weeeeekeeeeend...)

Let's see... what else... oh, yeah. I opened an Ebay Store this week too. We'll see how it goes. There's a monthly fee, but then I can list things in the store for super cheap listing fees but a higher percentage if they sell. They don't show up in searches as readily as regular auctions, mostly just in the store list. There are some cool perks and tools they give you though. And it's easier to list higher priced items or things I have a lot of... like kits or buttons. So... it's a fun new toy. Can't wait til I have more time to play with it.

That is all. Carry on.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

You want to send me money.

Yeah see, here's the cool part where the universe starts hurtling cash towards me in support of my move to save the world full time. You can be a part of this deep cosmic happening by sending me some money too. See?

Ok, well I'm remembering when I left my job at the storage place to pursue my dream of self employment... a bit prematurely, but still. In the span of maybe 2 weeks, people sent me money that I didn't even know I had coming. Hundreds of dollars, I swear.

Let's see... I got a power company refund of a deposit I had forgotten about. Which led me to phone my old roommate/dickhead boyfriend for another deposit I recalled helping to pay. Got that back too. There were some show fees I had written off... for a little market I had paid for then stopped attending. Didn't expect the money back. Yet, the organizer walked right up to me on the street and said,"I owe you money, let me write you a check." He insisted, so I took it. THEN, maybe the weirdest one... my aunt in the midwest was looking online at one of those lost money sites and found that I had like $250 coming to me from my childhood bank account. No kidding. It had been abandoned and forgotten when my parents divorced.

So, it occurred to me today that this could be happening again. Let's see... my last day of work was thursday. Since then I have had a bank credit for $50 and two orders on my web site for a total of about $160. Not bad for 3 days huh?

I can't wait to see what else will come in the next couple weeks... seems like I should have more this time. Maybe $1000 would be a good total.

You can help. Buy stuff, the universe wants you to.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Caspar Fest Report

Holy crap, what a fun time!! Maybe I have mentioned it before, but I LOVE going down to the Mendocino coast! It's so much like Arcata and home. The people are so cool, the area is so beautiful, the vendors are so talented. It rocks.

Caspar Fest was no exception. We really lucked out with the weather, sunny and beautiful... while it poured rain at home on Sunday, I heard. A bit of wind and pretty cold at night, but overall nice nice.

Now, there were a few adventures on my way down. I was running pretty late getting out of town Friday, so I thought it would be smart to book a room in Willits for the night. I couldn't set up the booth until Sat morning anyway and the van was full of stuff, which makes sleeping in it a challenge. Also, I wouldn't stress so much about getting there by dark if I wasn't driving all the way. Smart. Yep.

I found a good deal online and booked it. Well, when I got there that night I found I had booked it for the following night. Smart. They said all they had was a double room for about double what I was going to pay. Sigh. I talked them down a little and took it. Then, they told me to cancel the reservation by calling an 800 number... which I did. The 800 lady said they should have transfered the res. because now I might be charged a penalty for not canceling in 48 hrs or whatever. Sigh. One pricey cheap motel room.

THEN, the drunk chicks next door woke me at 2:30 and I couldn't fall back to sleep. Up at 5:45 to drive the last hour to Caspar and save the world.

Luckily (or something), the first day of the show was very slow. I mostly visited with folks and watched the entertainment, which was completely visible from my booth. Woo. There was the Flynn Creek Circus from right in Caspar. They opened each day with a side show... the funny announcer guy did some stunts, they had a bearded lady lovely assistant (a long-haired guy in a sparkly tu-tu outfit) and these acrobat folks who did a neat artistic act on a hanging trapeze thing.

Also, lots of great music. The one act I was excited for was the Blushin' Roulettes. They too are local, saw them last year... and KHUM plays them lots. I am a huge fan. But, you can't get their album anywhere. So, I was stoked to finally get one. Very home-burned-style, which explains why it's not in stores. Ha. But, I have one and I'm very happy. They call their music 'nuevo americana'. It's original tunes in the old-timey style, two chicks with a guitar and a cello. They're great.

Another highlight was meeting my booth neighbors, fellow mermaids. Three ladies who are part of a collective which harvests and sells seaweed. They know all the medicinal properties of their numerous types of dried seaweed, have recipes and stuff. I learned a lot. Also, you might see some similarity between our logos. I gave them a bunch of Bohemian Mermaid stickers, and (though I didn't see it) I guess they cut them out and stuck them in a circle on their Mermaid work truck. Yes, there was a bit of mermaid bondage going on... really awesome women.

The second day thankfully was much busier for me, so I ended up with a respectable amount of sales. I think moving the show a month later than last year really cut off the tourist aspect. It was mostly local people who didn't really have money to spend. But, they were fun to hang out with.

Oh, and I wish I had a photo, but there was a hot air balloon too! While we were breaking down the show on Sunday, listening to Kevin & the Coconuts... this hot air balloon was giving rides up and down right next to us.

Yes, another fun event in Caspar. The theme this year was community, so there were lots of local foods, activities and organizations. Tons of creativity and interesting people. If you haven't been to an event in the Mendo area... you're missing out.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Work Work Work

Ok, I'm back from the Caspar festival and working my last days at the Peace Place... and I am freakin tiiiired. Sheesh.

I'll post separately about the festival, it was super fun. But you know, it would have been courteous for my last week at work to be a slow one. It's been so busy. I mean, I've had one day off since um... jeesh, when? Hm one day in like over 2 weeks. I took the monday after North Country Fair to sit around mostly. Then prepped for Caspar and got home sunday night late... back to work monday A.M. Sigh. For a lazy person, I work hard man. Ha.

But, tomorrow's my last day. Post work beers at the Lost Coast Brewery to mourn my passing. Then dyeing stuff for the next two shows. Yippy. I'm starting to feel the freedom and really excited to work on some Mermaid projects unencumbered. I'm ready.

Saving the world ain't easy, folks.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well, the time has come once again to say Buh-Bye to another day job. Muaaaahahahahha!

Yes, I've been at the peace sticker place for about a year and a half. Seems like plenty. I had planned on staying through the winter and leaving in the spring... but I don't think I can make it that long. A few reasons.

One is that I'm just plain burnt. Much as I predicted when my coworker/supervisor started taking 3-4 weeks off at a time and the big boss didn't hire anyone else. I told them I could do it, but if the stress level stayed high for too long I'd burn out for sure. Hey, guess what? I was right.

Secondly, the boss is freakin nuts. Which is fine in itself, most of my best friends are nuts. Yeah, it was fine when he barely spoke to me... but I would hear him sometimes go batty on my coworkers and I'd say, "good thing he doesn't speak to me that way or I might have to tell him to fuck himself". Then he started talking to me... and eventually in that way that is pure jerk. Enough to piss me off considerably and thus sour the idea of working for a disrespectful nutjob.

So, combine those things and a Mermaid biz that is having its best year yet... and you get The Mermaid self-employed once again. Yay! I wanted to leave before I came to hate everything and everyone, so that maybe when I'm poor in January... they might have a little work for me. Ha. Don't want to burn that bridge altogether. Plus, I want to continue selling the stickers on ebay.

But, for now I'm excited to have time to work on dyeing stuff for the shows I've got coming up. Then, I'll be fixing up my web site real purty, hopefully get some more action there. Yeah, I've got plans. I do have a few more days to work next week... and then it's buh-bye-peace-place. Aaaaaah.


Stress dreams. I have them from time to time. This past week I've had a few. Hm.

The first - I had (in real life) been dyeing a ton of stuff for the North Country Fair. I took one of those big push carts from Costco or Sam's Club, you know... a giant flatbed dolly with a push bar on one end. I piled all the clothes I had made onto it, just in a big mound, and pushed it to some neighborhood market that was happening. Then, I left and had a meeting at a bank for like an hour. When I came back, of course, the whole dolly of clothes was gone. I spent the rest of the dream running around frantically asking if anyone had seen it. Nope. The last I remember I had given up and was just sobbing my eyes out.

The next was a good old fashioned waitress nightmare. I waitressed for years, and still have these when I'm stressed, even though it's been over 10 yrs since I served a table. Well, it was typical. A full restaurant, everyone ready to order, no idea who should be first, nobody to help at all. I would take an order, and nothing the customer said made sense. After I took a bunch of orders, I went in back and looked at the tags... I couldn't read any of it, didn't know table numbers, no idea what or who these orders were for. Some regular customer came in the back to yell at me. I was freaking out. Then I was thinking, hey, I'm not even going to work here much longer, why should I have to suffer this way? For some reason, Barney was there telling me I should just sneak out the back and leave. I didn't want to screw my coworkers (who weren't helping at all), and I was looking to leave a note in my boss' (from my very first waitress job) office... but I didn't want to walk through the dining room to do it. So I think I left out the back per Barney's insistence.

Third was last night. Heather (aka The Buz), Mom and I went to an SCA event (that's a medieval reenactment club I used to be involved in) where I was to have a booth selling clothes. We got there and I realized I didn't have my booth tent... so I wouldn't be able to set up my booth. Then I remembered the last time I was there I hadn't made much money anyway. So I didn't freak out too much. What's funny is the memory I had of a previous event, was from another dream. That always weirds me out a bit.

Could I be a little stressed? I guess so. I don't feel too stressed out, so maybe I'm saving it all for sleep... but I AM busy as hell.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Get Ready...

...cuz it's time once again for the wonderful North Country Fair! Wooooooo!

I hope all my friends and neighbors are gearing up for the big fall hootinany on the Arcata Plaza this weekend. Cuz man, it's the funnest thing around. Yes, funnest. Three stages of music and dance, featuring all our favorite local talent. 200 crafts, food and info booths. Two parades, one each day. Beer. Sun. Friends. I mean, what more do you want?

I for one have been feverishly dyeing stuff, ordering booth supplies, getting ready for a great weekend. I have my new specially-made-by-Busam festival skirt... but alas, the rest of the goods she's been working on are not ready as I had hoped. We were so close, but now she has other life things to tend to and the Mermaid must wait. Sigh. Maybe I'll have them in the spring. But at least MY skirt is done and it's fantastic. Full circle with ruffles. Yesss.

And of course I'll have some other new goodies to show off. Don't worry.

Um, what else... well, next weekend I'm trying an experiment. I'll be doing the Caspar Fest down by Mendocino, but that's not the experiment. I did that last year and it's going to be fun fun fun. But, on Sunday, I'll also be parter in a booth at the Pride Fest on the Plaza. A friend and I are sharing a booth... I'm giving her some rainbow tie-dye items and some prideful jewelry, and she's doing all the work for a percentage. Yippee. We'll see how it pans out, but in theory I like the idea.

Ok, gotta go sticker the peaceful masses... for peace. See you all on the Plaza! Woooo!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Ok, well it's time to get ready for this next round of shows. Fort Bragg was a nice warmup. I dyed whatever random stuff I had here to dye. It was a lot, but mostly unusual special items... I didn't have all my stock up to what I like.

Now, I need to do a full inventory and order whatever I need to fill it all out. About a ton. In fact, I should over order, since I'll have 2 shows in a row right away.

I have 2 weeks until North Country Fair on Sept 22-23. woooo! I'll see you all there. It's the rockinest hootinany around. As I've mentioned before, the drama is over and this will be a great show for all I'm sure. Hey, looks like there are still some vendor spots available.

The following week, I'm off to Caspar on the beautiful Mendocino coast for Caspar Fest. I loved this show last year, it was my intro to doing shows in this area. So it will be fun fun fun. Also they are adding more eco-groovy & community themes and activities, like demos and a dinner. Read about it here.

I'm gonna take the week off between shows. Who has time to peddle stickers to the peaceful masses when there's Mermaid work to be done? Not me.

So, yeah. I'm busy. I have this weekend to prep my dye order, order some new booth panels, get started on some new booth curtains, and take care of some overdue business legal crap. Sigh.

Luckily (I guess) Barney is working on the bridge in Gasquet all weekend. So I have no excuse not to get it all done. Unless I sit here posting all day...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Okaaaay ok!

I'm still here. Vacation was swell, thanks. My attitude was adjusted appropriately I think... just in time too.

I'm back to work at the peace sticker place. Most of my coworkers left for a week or two, so I'm holding down the peace fort. I have skills. And it's been slow. Also, I refuse to be stressed. So it's working out fine.

I also just scored a last-minute spot in the Fort Bragg festival this weekend... um Paul Bunyan Days. Yippee! I have wanted to do this one for a few years, but always miss the deadline somehow. I usually do pretty well in that area, and it is a holiday weekend. So I suspect the wealthy vacationers will be in abundance.

Luckily, I have been reckless in my online ordering during my break, so I have lots of stuff to dye up. I'm a bit behind schedule, due to car issues and my own lame tendencies... but I can hear the washer finishing up a load of Ocean colored stuff as I type. I'll have a few things for the mendo throngs to adore. Worry not.

I did go up to Trinidad for um... 2 sundays. I still think it's a cool little market (go check it out!), but alas I fear I have passed the point of being able to justify the work for the money. It was cool when I didn't have anything else going... but I have too much happening this year to justify working on my boyfriend's only day off, you know? That hundred bucks isn't enough for the half hour drive each way, $10 in gas for the Beast and 6 hours of work. Whew. But really, if you haven't checked it out you should. Penny does a great job, the music is always awesome and the crafts rock.

That is all. Carry on.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's Vacation Time! Woooo!

Oh, yessss. I'm lovin it. After months of hard work and slaving away at the Peace Sticker place between craft shows, filling in for other folks and whatnot... I now have a whole week off! Yippee.

Can I afford it? I don't know. But that won't stop me from enjoying myself. Oh no.

I managed to work o
ut a Mom visit, which is pretty cool. She'll be arriving on Tuesday from North Dakota, and on Thursday we'll drive to Reno to visit my little bro and his wife in their new house. I'm getting pretty excited about the whole thing. I mean, Mom hasn't been here to visit for a couple years, hasn't seen the new digs. And I haven't seen my brother since his wedding over a year ago. Eesh. Way too long! It's going to be so fun!!

So, for now... after I'm done basking in my vacation-ness, which means lounging on the computer in my pj's for hours at a time... it will be time to clean the house real good. Yip.

I have a few things planned for Mom when she arrives... I thought we could go from the airport up to Trinidad and hang out a bit. She'll like to see where I've been doing the markets and it's a good spot for a sammich at the beach. Then, we'll hit the grocery store on the way home so Barney has some good stuff to barbecue for us. I think I'll see if my good friend Dimitra is available to join us for a little festivizing in the back yard.

Wednesday, I thought we'd maybe have breakfa
st at the Marina... Mom can see from there the new Boat Safety building Barney just finished next to the Adorni. Then, some shopping... around town and in old town. In the early evening, we'll take the Madaket on the cocktail cruise around the bay. I haven't done that in years, and maybe Barney can join us by then. Afterwards, we'll be dining at the lovely Mazzotti's just blocks from the bay. Sounds like a great day to me!

Thursday, we're off to Reno... woo! There, I can guess there will be more shopping and eating and watching of movies. Mom will fly out of Reno, Barney and I will return home Sunday... happier and well rested maybe.

Then, back to work Monday. Sigh. I'll be filling in for one or the other of my coworkers for the next 2 weeks, actually working alone for a few of those days. Yeah. But hopefully my attitude will be well adjusted by then. Cross your fingers.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Mermaid Booty!

Oh yeah, baby. One of the best things about vending at festivals with such talented artists is definitely the booty. I love to trade mermaid clothing for goodies on my travels. Sometimes I even buy stuff.

Like the painting above. I bought it from the guy selling next to me up at that oregon show. I love it. sort of a cross between sunset at the beach up here and maybe some other planetscape. Plus the guy was neat to talk with (and he wasn't selling much I think).

This bag is great and the fabric is fuzzy. Love it so much I made it my new magical money bag for the booth. I scored both of these at the fair on Clear Lake. The bag I traded for. The painting I bought from this little old lady who was so sweet! She was doing her booth all alone and it was painful to watch, she wouldn't accept much help cuz she said, if I can't do it alone I might as well stay home. The painting really reminds me of her.

The card above was SUCH a score! I was at that oregon show, running to get some coffee faaar from my booth. On the way back I saw these gorgeous large painted panels and I had to stop and coo over them. They are the female archetypes and one of them (of course) is a mermaid. But that might not even be my favorite. Anyway, the original panels were like $200 each as a set, and I contemplated trying to haggle my way into buying one. I liked them sooo much. Then I saw she was selling these cards for $5! Five bucks! Now I get all 4 on this nice big heavy paper with a poem and everything. Score!

And of course, jewels. A mermaid needs her jewels. These came from a few different festivals and I traded for all of it. My new favorites are for sure the beaded star set from my friend Lily down in Mendo. We are in love with eachother's work and trade every chance we get. Sorta hard to see I guess, but trust me... they're lovely.

Yeah, Barney thinks I trade too often. But I always think I'm getting a good deal and stuff I probably wouldn't buy for myself you know.

These are the perks of living the Mermaid life.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Now what?

I'm resting. But as we know, the Mermaid's work is never done...

I have things to take care of. Let's see... uh, website stuff for sure. I haven't updated the inventory on it for months. Gotta do that. I also have a bunch of items not shown on the site. So, new photos and new pages are in order for sure. I think I'm going to hire my friend's daughter to help with a bunch of stuff. That will be fun.

I have business crap to take care of too. This place is a mess! Gotta fix up my files and sales records and all that. Ick.

OH, and it looks like I'm gonna get me a new VAN finally! Yipee! A nice big cargo van, just like the one I use that belongs to Barney. But newer and not creepy. THAT is freakin exciting.

Christmas fair applications are showing up, so time to figure out what the hell I'm doing this year in that area. Sigh.

Oh, and the designs I've been working on with The Buz are coming together. I should have at least 2 new pieces for North Country Fair. Woooo!

And I need to clean the house. Vacuum or something, it's pretty yucky.

Yeah, see? Even when I'm resting I'm a busy busy woman. This saving the world stuff isn't easy, friends.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Thanks for the plug! Woo!

So today at work, as I slaved away over a hot keyboard/phone/stickerpile... we had khum on the radio as usual. At some point I noticed they were playing the friday songs. (Larry usually plays a few particular songs near 5pm on fridays and then announces it's officially the weekend. Sometimes he'll play them at like 2pm and just say he's 'calling it'. It's the weekend people, start figuring out your excuse to leave work early. Cute, I know. I love Larry.)

How odd, thought I. Why the hell are they playing friday songs at noon on tuesday? Cruelty? I may have mumbled about it to myself throughout the set of songs... I'm not saying for sure.

Well duh Mermaid, there is a holiday tomorrow and many many folks have the day off or even long weekends. Sure, ok.

At the end of the set Mike says, "call me up and tell me what just happened, using the proper phrasing and I'll give you a cd". So I did. You called it, man! Then he asked if I had to work tomorrow and I totally got to plug my booth on the plaza at the 4th of July hootinany tomorrow.

AND he's sending me a Guitar Shorty cd. Sweet!

Thanks Mike! Wooooo.

Come by and visit me tomorrow, I'm famous... I'll be facing Mazotti's or close by.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's Next??

Oh, let's see um... huh... maybe I might do ANOTHER FESTIVAL. Wooo!

Tomorrow I'm off to the Umpqua Valley Arts Festival up in Roseburg Oregon. It's a 3 day hootinany with over 100 art booths, 2 stages, kids area, food, wine garden... the whole shibang. Sweet.

So, it's about a 4 hour drive north. I'll be going alone, Barney has to be at work friday I think. I am splurging for a motel for the entire trip and that will be quite luxurious. Showers and beds and everything. Heehee.

Barney might show up at some point, not sure yet. But, I have no problems with doing a festival alone, I've done it lots of times and it's a little more of an adventure that way you know.

Yeah, I don't have much else to tell. Except that I have about a ton of stuff to do and I'm still sitting here in coffee mode. Yawn. Thanks for helping me procrastinate...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mermaid Stickers!

I've been so busy, I forgot to show off my new Bohemian Mermaid stickers! I've wanted these ever since I started working at the sticker place and now I have them... sweet huh? I have 1000, want one?

Sleepy, yup.

Ok, I might be getting a little tired. I've done let's see... 4 craft shows in 6 weeks, most of them out of town. And dyeing stuff while working 4 days a week. Heh. Yeah I know, I'm studly. But I wouldn't mind a day off really.

However, as you well know, a Mermaid's work is never done, and so...

Tomorrow I have a festival! Wooo! It's the 17th annual Oyster Festival right here at home. Sweet. There aren't that many craft booths, this is really more about the food. But, I will have a giant obnoxious double booth per Barney's encouragement (bah just go for it!). I'm feeling a little self-conscious about it. But I guess if it makes me more visible it could help my sales. And he was right about paying more for the corner booth in benbow, that paid off pretty well.

Yeah, I really hope he's right. Cuz this little one day fair is costing me plenty. The booth is spendy to begin with, for the privilege of selling in the lovely town of Arcata. Double booths cost more, though not double thankfully. THEN in the SECOND round of crap I had to send in, they ask for liability insurance. Um, the application didn't say anything about that requirement except for food vendors. Luckily I can buy it from them for another 50 bucks. Great. Oh wait, now that I don't live in Arcata, I have to buy their temporary business thingy every time I do a show there for $20. Grand total for ONE DAY? $270. Cough.

So, if you are going to the Oyster Fest, come buy something from me ok? I'll give you a sticker.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fish Festival? Uh...


So there I was, trying to recover still from the busy festival last weekend. I've been so tired all week, with work and all... when Friday I get a call from the chick who runs the Trinidad sunday market. She's saved me a spot at the Fish Festival and will I be attending?

Uh, I wasn't planning on it... since I have a ton of dyeing to do and I'm still so tired like I said. But, then she says how it's the 50th annual and there are like 40 booths and how I don't have to pay extra since I'm already signed up for the market etc. Gosh, at that moment it sounded too good to pass up. Sure, ok I'll be there!

Of course, as soon as I got off the phone I says to myself I says, "What are you nuts?!"

But Barney, being the awesome supporter he is, says "Hey, why not right? You can make a few bucks and I'll go with you to help, I'd like some of those fish and chips!" Ok. Sure, I'm studly what the hell. I'll dye stuff on saturday and sell stuff on sunday. No problem.

But my body decided for me... we really DO need some rest. Yesterday as I was getting dressed and ready to start dyeing stuff, I decided my bed looked comfy and I fell asleep for 2 hours. I woke up feeling like crap and so laid around all day.

No dyeing yesterday.
No Fish Festival today.

Silly girl.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Popcorn & Handcuffs

Yeah, I really just wanted to see that title.... so I needed a separate post.

For some reason, my booth was a place for weird items to be lost during the show. Ok, two items. But still it was odd.

Saturday, a garbage bag full of popcorn.

Nobody claimed it, we asked around the neighbor's busy henna booth. Nope. Everyone in the immediate area. No, not mine. To my knowledge, no booths were even selling popcorn. We left it there for hours. People commented on it, but nobody touched it or came looking for it. It was a mystery.

Later, we closed the booth and went wandering... many hours and drunk people passed, and still the popcorn was there. When we were returning to the booth to go to bed, I saw a figure
in the dark bent over inspecting the bag... I didn't miss a step, "It's popcorn!" and I disappeared behind our tent laughing. The next morning it was gone.

Sunday it was a pair of handcuffs.

They were first spotted by some kids whose parents were visiting the pottery booth next door. They were interested in something close to my booth, which I couldn't see. The parents told the kids not to touch it. The more they told them, the more interested the kids became. I figured that if the parents really didn't want the kids touching whatever it was, they would move it. Instead they just yelled louder at the kids as they more insistently moved closer to the thing. Maybe a bug or fallen ice cream cone? When I finished with my customer, I went to move it so the freakin parents would quit yelling. What I found were these:

They sat in Shannon's camp chair for a long time... nobody came looking for them. In fact nobody moved them until a lady used the chair to nurse her baby. Heh. I offered no explanation. Many cop and bondage jokes were made. I think we decided they fell off of the belt of one of the young hoodlums who ran between our booths at some point.

Odd, no?

Friday, May 25, 2007

See Ya!

Well, we are off to the thriving metropolis of Lakeport for their Memorial Day festival thingy down on Clear Lake. Barney is packing the truck and getting a new airbed for the back. I'm printing stars on baby shirts and gathering sunscreen and water.

Yip, got my big bag of peace buttons and my sandals... ready for the sun baby! I'm counting on the bay area vacationers to come through this weekend. Line up ladies, wrap skirts and mermaid tanks for everyone! Woooo!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Still Making Stuff

Ok, maybe I went a little nuts with my latest supply order... wait. No. I have two shows in a row and I need a buttload of stuff. And that's what I got.

Yeah, baby. That is one beautiful 53 lb box of dyeable goodness. Oh... then I also ordered a bunch of things that were on sale before we left for the last show. And again two days ago, when I was in a panic about having enough hats and T-shirts. Um... and last night I found a source for some parasols, which I'll silk paint. That probably wasn't totally necessary.

I may be a little on the obsessive side right now... but alas. I have used all the money and credit available. So, I guess I'm done ordering for now. Time to dye all this stuff. Woooo!

New colors for this time around are um... avocado green with black, a new purple with black. Black is tough, but what the hell right? I'll try it. Last round I came up with a beautiful burgundy color. Love it! I guess photos would be nice. Maybe later.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Crazy dog... she's pretty cute though, huh?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Time to Dye

Get moving, Woman!

Ok, well as you can see... the shows have begun. Heehee. So, for the next uh, at least 3-4 months I'll have a craft show every other weekend, sometimes 2 weekends in a row. Good thing I'm so studly.

Yeah. Ok. So, this has been my goal right? This is how I want my life to go, shows all the time. Enough so I can eventually quit my day job. So I need to figure this all out. How to go to a show out of town, come home, go to work and still have enough stuff to sell for the next show.

Normally, I spend about 2 weeks preparing for a show. Ordering and receiving supplies, dyeing them, washing, ironing, sewing labels and printing mermaidy stuff onto them. I like to do the dyeing in large blocks of time over the weekend, 8-10 hour chunks. Then it's done and I can spend evenings after work during the week pressing and printing.

Obviously this won't really work if I have 2 shows in a row.

My new strategy is to make the buying and dyeing more continuous. Order as much as I can afford at one time, whether or not I can dye it all by the next weekend. Then, dye in smaller chunks of time, like 2 or 4 hours... then press and finish the batches as they are finished dyeing. That way I'll have a continuous flow of new stuff ready to sell. And I can dye things after work in smaller blocks of time.

I'll let you know how it goes... as I have this month to test this method out. I have a show in Shasta next weekend (dyeing starts today!), two weeks later is Memorial day in Lakeport... then the very next weekend is Benbow. A very big show for me.

Will I be ready with enough stuff to sell?? Bum bum buuuuuh. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spring Fever Festival Report

Well, I have to say the Spring Fever Festival this weekend was a success. Woo! I mean considering it's so new... and the amount I made last year at this fair. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did. I um, let's see... made about 3 times what I made last year. Yeehaw.

I learned something too: the Power of the Discount. Holy moly. I mean, I always have a clearance rack going in the booth for flawed or discontinued things. But, I decided to have a supersale and clearance out a bunch of shirts I'm sick of... bam! half off! I also made all the skirts, pants and jacke
ts $5 off. People bought stuff generally in twos, threes or more. It rocked.

Oh, and I won a gorgeous pair of earrings in the door prize drawing. The chica next to me was doing her first fair and I picked her earrings from the prizes. They are so cute and sparkly! I also bartered for a handmade journal and scored some super sweet gifts for Mother's day. I want to tell more about them, but she might read this.

Just like last year, the running of the fair was great. Well organized, high quality crafts, music. Nice folks and a fun time. I think the word will get around and when it does, this is going to be a killer festival.

They made the cool move of adding a beer and wine booth this time, run by the Discovery Museum. Happened to be one booth away from me. I had a clear line to the beer and the stage from my seat. Good times.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Mannequins

See how cute the girls' faces are? Just ignore that weird one on the left...

Here's the Lampgirl hanging out with Redballs in my bedroom. As you can see, his balls are no longer red. But, when I found him sitting next to a dumpster behind the thrift store... he had bright red balls and a magic marker bikini top. Leaving him outside for a while took care of that.

And below you see Betty in all her glory, wearing my dress from The Buz's castle wedding in Prague. The ladies next to her are old fashioned blouse forms, with wooden ball-joint arms. Pretty sweet.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Girls

I have a small collection of mannequins... have I mentioned that? I love every one of them.

Betty here is the original family mannequin. My dad passed her down to me as I will pass her down to Josh's daughter some day. She wears outfits, she has a box of wigs. She is glamor.

I also got the frilly lamp girl from dad. Her body lights up green. She usually hangs out with Redballs... hm, I need a photo of him.

The girls here are pretty neat. They have beautiful old-fashioned faces and one-piece bodies. They prefer no hair or clothing... unless they model for my website.

I have a few more... but no photos. I'll work on that.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Festival Season Begins!

Woo! I'm scheduling a ton of festivals this year, and I'm pretty set up through July at this point. Here's how it's looking (if you really care about exact dates and locations look here)...

I have one at the end of April here locally called the Spring Fever Festival. It's very new and not yet very well attended. But, it's put together by a local art chica and it has great potential to really take off. There's also a fall version in october. Good quality crafts, non-profit booths, activities, music. So, this is my second time doing it... who knows if money will be made there. But it's my first chance to visit with some of my craft buddies and see what other festivals people are doing etc. AND it's literally right down the street.

May will be interesting, no local festival really during May. So, I'll be going to Shasta for an Old Time Fiddle Jamboree. Then for memorial day weekend, heading down to Lakeport right on Clear Lake. I'm looking forward to that one. I'll be dragging my boyfriend along and getting a camp spot. It will be warm and pretty and maybe lots of folks visiting from the bay area with money to spend.

Oh, and the Trinidad Sunday Market starts mid may... so I think I'll be doing that in between big festivals, probably about twice a month through September or so.

June will be psycho. Of course the very next weekend after memorial day will be the Mateel Arts & Music festival down in garberville (benbow actually). I love this festival!! I think a girlfriend will accompany me and much partying & dancing will be taking place that weekend. Followed by the Arcata Bay Oyster Fest, on the plaza. Only one day but close and packed fulla people. The new one for June is a 3 day thing up in Roseburg, oregon. It's put on by an arts council, so the crafts should be nice and it's been around a while so I think it will be a good one.

July isn't quite filled up yet... but so far I think I'll be doing the Arcata 4th of July thing. Even though it's spendy and there are imports, it's cheaper than traveling anywhere and I do pretty well. The 4th is a wednesday, then on saturday I think I'll head down to Medocino for a 1 day market. What the hell, right? Those mendo folks love me and it's soooo nice down there. Following weekend will be the local Blues by the Bay festival. Crafts are a new addition, and sales weren't great last year I heard. BUT, if I can just pay my expenses, it's a free seat to the blues fest. Woo. I think I can sell some sun hats and dancin' skirts, no problem.

I'm still working on August too... but I'm trying to get into a Blues festival in Reno. That would be cool, I could stay with my little bro and hang out watching blues. Yay.

September, of course, brings the North Country Fair. Now back in sane hands... the fee went up like $30 this year. LOL. Oh well, freedom has its price I suppose. Sanity has its price? Something. I'll pay it.

Yep. Festivals rock. Here I go! Woooo!