Saturday, December 30, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Excellent question. Thanks for asking...

Um, I've been festivizing like the rest of you. Went out to North Dakota for a week to visit my mom et al. Good times.

Art-wise, not too much happening as I recover from this nasty cold. I have some garment dyeing to do for a friend who makes baby clothes. I got some beautiful beads and baubles as gifts from my sweety... so as I've been laying around blowing my nose, I've also been making jewelry.

My ebay stuff went on hold for my time out of state. But today I decided to switch auction managers to save some cash... so I've been learning the new site and transferring auction stuff. The old one was (previously AuctionWatch). Really a great and easy to use site. I've been with them for years, they were free back in the day. Now there are lots of plans and their fees are pretty low. But, for the amount I sell, I shouldn't be paying for extras. Ebay and Paypal cost enough.

So, I hunted around and found Auctiva. We'll see how it goes. It is pretty easy so far, totally free, image hosting and all. The test will be when I sell something, how well their post sales stuff works.

Yeah... not too exciting really, but I thought I should post something up here. Sniffle. Gotta go blow my nose again...


Uncle Enore said...

Blow your nose.

Drink something.

Get to bed early.

No, you can't go out and play.

Take your cough medicine.

C'mere and sit on daddy's lap and let me kiss your achy stuff...except your snotty nose.

samoasoftball said...

North Dakota? That must be where you caught the cold, right?