Friday, December 08, 2006

Damn, I slept too late!

Well, it's my day off from officegirl land. I guess one tends to sleep in on those days. But there are things to be done!! A craft fair to prep for ... and as usual I'm behind schedule. Lately I've been crashing early and waking early and it's been good. But nooooo. Last night I crashed early (rather than working like I should have) cuz I was tired and I figured I'd wake up early like I have all week. Barney kisses me good bye at about 6:30, and lately I've been unable to go back to sleep afterwards. Not today. Sigh. Woke up at freakin 10. What the hell?!?

Anywayzzzz... I'm only taking the time to write here cuz well... computerizing goes so well with my coffee. And I do need to wake up a bit. Luckily I have my Mermaid Power Mug to help me along... Buz brought this from Ireland (I think) and bought it from the artist at a craft fair or something. Isn't it awesome?? The photo doesn't do it justice really.

So what's on the agenda for today? Plenty, friend.

After I'm done dinkin around on my usual sites, I need to print out some business cards with the new phone number and such. Also, I usually make some kind of flyer with my upcoming shows to give out... but I think I'll make one all about my web site. I have this cool brochure too, which I might print up for super spendy customers. They use alot of color ink.

I still need to figure out what clothing needs Mermaid prints and get that taken care of. My studio room looks just about like the photos still... a mess. So it's a little bit of a challange. In the old place I would hang up all the stuff I have and go through them methodically to figure what needs prints (I do a certain ratio of printed to non-printed). But now I don't really have room for all that... so I dunno. I think I'll focus mostly on the children's stuff. I got a bunch more baby t'shirts, man are they cute! I like to print little stars on the onesies too.

That will take the most time. I also need to gather up the rest of the booth stuff... Barney's kid helped me pack the van with the heavy stuff last night (woohoo). But since the move, my goods are spread all over the place. Gotta gather up the lighting and the sparkley xmas lights etc and load it up. Oh and figure out how I'm going to display all this new jewelry, find my little padded boards. Then pack up the clothing and load it into the van as well.

That's most of it I guess... not too bad. Setup is tonight, so I gotta do all this and find some cash change by 5:00. Hopefully Barney will be able to help me haul stuff into the community center, cuz it's a bit of a haul for that one. He has a cool rolling cart at his job that he says will hold all the heavy racks at once. That will rock.

I gotta get the booth all set up tonight, there won't be much time tomorrow. Then tonight, when that's done, bust out some more jewelry and fix the clasps on the pendants I have. Oh crap, I need some jump rings for that...

Oh and I hope to find lots of stuff to barter for at this show too, cuz I'm starting to panic about Xmas gifts. I have no idea what to get people and I'm seeing my entire family this year. But in the past this show has been full of excellent crafts, some unseen before. It's gonna be fun.

Argh. I gotta get moving!

Come by the Arcata Community Center between 10 and 4 this weekend and see my stuff!! It will be raining, so what else do you have to do??

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Uncle Enore said...


Just buy the North Dakotans meat.

First, they'll appreciate it. And then, of course, you can buy some there and not have to haul it along witchooz.

No thanks are necessary.

It's a dad function...