Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mermaid Plans & Schemes

Oh, I always have plans alright...

Let's see, uh... OH I just found a site for the informational-type pages I've been wanting to post: Bohemian Mermaid Info Pages. The store only has so many pages to edit, so I'm adding a whole new site with links, wholesale info, FAQ page, and ultimately some crafty projects or how-to info, and whatever other fun stuff I can think up.

Setting that baby up was my Sat morning coffee/computer funtime today.

What else...? I have a couple craft fairs coming up... I guess I'm going to Ukiah next weekend for the Pumpkinfest. Haven't yet gotten any paperwork, maybe it's time to call. Hm.

The next one isn't until December, in Arcata. Oh of course I have some issues with Christmas-time fairs. Maybe I'll post about that later.

Otherwise, I'm still getting my studio together at the new house... moving is slooooow work.

I'm also thinking about where I can teach some silk painting classes during the winter & spring months, since there won't be any more fairs until march or april. Maybe I'll hit some of the senior centers, I'm experienced with those folks. I can even do the alzheimer places with my kool-aid dye class.

That's one thing I'll miss about my Arcata studio, it was great for classes!

Oh, and I'm thinking of doing some wholesale mailings maybe. The marketing girls at work have been giving me tips and I'm excited to see what happens. Before the North Country Fair, I printed some killer brochures.

So, yeah... I'm keeping busy.

(Am I the only one who wants to make this mermaid doll?!)


Uncle Enore said...


I signed your guest book and it didn't show up.

I want my money back.

*Mermaid* said...

Hey, maybe you did it WRONG.