Thursday, October 26, 2006

Credit Card Update

Ok, well the credit card chargeback freakout is about over. I got the original amount back into my bank account. Not the extra chargeback fees though. Turns out that since there were two transactions in dispute, I got charged the $35 fee twice. They said it was non-refundable processing fee, much like a bounced check fee.

I spoke with the nice lady who bought the stuff and she was soooo sorry. She said she had remembered who I was the day after she disputed the charges, and right then called off the CC company who said they'd undo the complaint. She figured it had been taken care of. Ha.

I told her about the extra fees, and she says she asked her company to see if they could get them waived... I guess they said they'd try. Although, if that's even possible I don't know. Doesn't seem likely. But, she pretty much agreed to pay the money either way. Sigh.

We'll see.

Otherwise I guess that's just the cost of doing Mermaid business...

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Uncle Enore said...

You need to figure out a way to get a government contract.

No matter what you bid you can charge whatever you'd like...and, though you may have to wait a while for payment, you can always double bill them and make up for that.